Our Service - Our Value

We serve as your Strategic Advisor by collaboratively developing

the strategy you need in order to realize your vision 

Each project is individualized to the wants and needs of each relationship and builds upon the strengths of your team and our experiences. We look forward to creating a collaborative partnership with you and your team.

Segments of business aviation:  

Aviation Real Estate, Charter/Jet Card/Membership; Part 135 Operators and their creation and operation; Drone Delivery;

Aircraft Acquisition and Financing, Sustainable Aviation Fuel and Carbon Assets

Examples of Projects:

Wrote the business plan, white paper, case studies, and pitch deck for a client and built relationships with business partners to realize the client’s vision.

Identified services, partnerships, and resources that saved clients high seven figures in expenses and cash

Conducted the due diligence and created risk assessment protocols to ensure clarity in growth and development of long-term partnerships

Developed a third-party advisory board and obtained a keynote speaking engagement to drive growth and industry change for a client

Evaluated a new revenue stream and developed the product positioning strategy for an existing business

Developed a strategy for the sale of business assets - both tangible and intangible; wrote the teaser letter; created and oversaw the dataroom; and networked with the business aviation community to quantify the enterprise value of the company that resulted in an offer

Underwrote and presented opportunities for financing aviation real estate acquisitions to alternative and traditional lenders and investors that benefited all parties

 Led a team of aviation industry professionals that we recommended to locate, acquire, import, and finance an aircraft for a HNW

Evaluated opportunities for investing in the sustainable aviation fuel segment and broader carbon assets for an UHNW 

Rebranding a luxury consumer product, establishing sales goals, and developing marketing strategy

Oversee Partnership due diligence and buyout

How We Support the Needs of Business Aviation Companies

For business aviation focused companies, we provide you and your team with the analytical bandwidth and industry connections to identify, develop, and implement strategies to support your growth and accelerate value creation.

We incorporate our wide ranging and expansive experiences and business connections where we conducted the financial and market analysis; collaboratively worked with internal and external experts (legal, tax, audit, etc.); authored reports for and presented our findings and recommendations to senior management and stakeholders that identified opportunities and mitigated challenges:


  • Overseeing the financial operations of a multi-million dollar revenue unit for a multinational company and evaluating the future growth potential.  
  • Analyzing and underwriting investment opportunities that identified complex and unique future cash flow and repayment sources that mitigated risks so that returns were realized;
  • Developing large scale and complex budget and tracking of KPIs for multiple large, multinational firms; 
  • Evaluating due diligence of new and existing market positioning to realize returns; 
  • Managing portfolios of investments and assessing ongoing financial and reputational risk and mitigation; 
  • Developing policies and procedures for underwriting and due diligence standards; 
  • Authoring white papers, case studies, market evaluations, and business enterprise values analyses

These skills and experiences allow you to develop that path towards realizing the returns that you need. We recognize that each request is unique, but we build upon our strengths of working with diverse teams to deliver the result you need to achieve your customized goals. 

How We Support the Needs of Individual Investors and Family Offices

How We Support the Needs of Individual Investors and Family Offices

For those who own business aircraft or who work with the users of business aviation 

we provide you with clarity and transparency by building a cohesive team that builds upon the specialization of its experienced members that collaborate on legal, brokerage, insurance, appraisal, financiers, management companies, and tax advice that you need to make the correct decision for you.


We communicate amongst multiple parties that move your acquisition forward on its needed timeline by collaborating with the experts on your team and our community of experts.


We support you through the credit presentation; development of the term sheet; review of the legal documentation from a financing perspective to ensure your needs are met; and legal negotiations for the aircraft financing and other asset categories (art, yacht, winery/vineyard); and closing process.


We remain with you through the lifecycle of your investment and identify opportunities to maximize your return as your requirements evolve.


We support investors and their teams in conducting the due diligence to select early stage aviation industry service ventures. Specific projects for investors include the evaluation of aviation real estate, sustainable aircraft fuel, charter, Part 135 operations, and drone delivery businesses - as well as ultra-premium wine brand market strategy and wine industry service providers.

How Our Clients View Our Journey Together

Our Impact

"If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together." - African Proverb

We start our journey by asking a question:  What does success look like to you?

2023 Award Recipient for The Business Concept - Aviation and Aerospace - nominated by peers for exceptional service


2024 Award Recipient for The Business Concept - Aviation and Aerospace - Most Innovative Aviation Advisory Firm  


Shelley is a consummate professional.

She is both extremely knowledgeable and 

well-connected to honorable, top-notch

experts in every aspect of aviation. Her

services make the aircraft acquisition

process dramatically easier, and you

get all this at a great price.

First time aircraft owner who made a complex, international acquisition

Shelley is a breath of fresh air.  

She knows how to collaborate and get big stuff done.

General Manager of a Portfolio Company where she serves as a strategic advisor and owner's representative

In the complicated world of aviation finance 

that seems to take long and require

more information that what we expected,

she was great.  She responded quickly,

listened to our needs, and asked thoughtful questions that made us understand

that she values what our organization

is doing and that she wanted to

support us.

First time aircraft buyers

She is extremely thoughtful,

well connected, and strategic.  

Her due diligence kept us from making a high seven figure mistake and allowed us to focus our time on other opportunities that met our ROI requirements.

Single family office



She is priceless...

There is a difference between

men and women in business.

That’s not a bad thing…


I can attest to the importance of women

working together based on the past year

that I’ve had the privilege of


steady, insightful, encouraging direction

and leadership.

I call her Wonder Woman,

and she very much deserves the moniker.

Perhaps it’s the combination of banking


aviation experience,

but, ultimately,

I think her power is derived from her

willingness to lead, inspire, and strengthen

the community around her

for everyone’s collective benefit.

My many thanks to my FIRST

female mentor, advisor, and friend.

Female Founder in the

Aviation Services Industry


I'd be paddling circles in the ocean without [her and the team assembled].  

She found the right financing solution for our project, brought in resources that saved us six figures, and changed the way we conduct due diligence that is benefiting the industry.  

We never knew we needed this.

Start up Private Equity Firm 

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