CEO + Founder of Infinite Branches to leads an all star panel of International Aviation Womens Association members on the discussion of how to become engaged

Our CEO + Founder, Shelley A. Svoren, shared the importance of sharing one’s journey and bringing others with them on their path to mastery on her September 30, 2023 post:

I am incredibly grateful and honored that Orla Brady asked me to return to lead a discussion at the upcoming International Aviation Womens Association‘s Annual Conference with the support of the exceptional Kaitlyn Graham, M.S. Divya Kamania Tara Janowski and Savitha Krammer.

While the title of the workshop is about discovery of IAWA, we will be sharing our stories of how IAWA has positively impacted our personal and professional lives as well as how you can become engaged and make the most out of your professional journey.

Like our last time when we gathered together in Charleston, SC, you can expect the unexpected as we engage the audience to share their IAWA journey that we know will lead to greater connections, a healthy dose of inspiration, and allow you to further refine your leadership.

With over 500 members globally whose IAWA journey is diverse, I hope to hear more from you.

Stay Curious we hope you can join us!

PS – I am SUPER excited to see all of our amazing mentors and mentees (especially mine) at the event and I hope you will share your stories with us! 100 participants and 20 steps forward in career journeys!

Stefany Davila Melissa Phelix Laura Tracey Myrthe Simons Caroline Vandedrinck Sheryl Barden, CAM Dustin Cordier Christine De Gagne Carol Anderson Zahra Hirani Jim Simpson, CAM Angel Houck Julianne Christensen Greg Principato Maria Eugenia Yabar Cristina Lewis Lee Brewster Kristiana Brix Elia Morales Anna M. Celani-Washington S.Maedeh Ravan Sheri Gallegos Cristina Lewis Brittany Davies Nicole Kappos Ida Eggeblad Michelle Crippin Valentina Vecchio Marchel Ebron Nina Milo, MS Vanessa Blacknall-Jamison Bethany Purney Keri Dowling Jessica Webster


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