Panel Moderations : Joint IAWA and NBAA panel at the NBAA Regional Forum in White Plains

Your Journey: Career Advancement and Personal Sustainability –

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Please join us at the NBAA White Plains Regional Forum as IAWA’s VP of Leader Development, Shelley Svoren, engages a dynamic panel of business aviation professionals to discuss their journeys to where they are that have been filled with turbulence and how they were able to course-correct; what challenges and opportunities have come from being a parent and in some cases, taking care of their parents; and how they invest in the aviation communities as well as themselves in order to ensure the sustainability and vibrancy of business aviation.

Panelists include: Amanda Applegate, Founder and Partner of Soar Aviation Law; Sheryl Barden, CEO + President of API; Dustin Cordier, Head of Global Sales; and Emily Deaton, CEO of jetAVIVA. With Jo Damato, SVP of NBAA and MC Ernst, IAWA VP of the Americas

Attendance at this event requires registration for the White Plains NBAA Regional Forum.

To listen to the panelists’ parting words of wisdom on their careers, please listen here to Emily Deaton, Sheryl Barden, Dustin Cordier, Amanda Applegate, and Shelley A Svoren. Recording graciously provided by a member of the NBAA Team.


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