CEO + Founder of Infinite Branches named to fourth consecutive term on the Board of the International Aviation Womens Association

In sharing the news, Shelley A. Svoren stated:

Mottos maintain meaning for me.

As a daughter of a USMC Colonel, this started early with Semper Fidelis, which I take to mean leave no one behind
the Girl Scouts of the USA – Be Prepared
the University of Oregon – Mind moves the mass
Kappa Delta Sorority – Strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest
And perhaps the most compelling heard at a young age, “think with your head and move with your feet” (my dad -and yes, I left the last part off) that led me to my company (Infinite Branches) motto: ABC – Always Be Curious.

It should not come as any surprise that when I heard about the International Aviation Womens Association (IAWA), its motto – Connect, Inspire, and Lead, which is truly its mission – resonated with me. I joined in 2014, and by volunteering to support its first General Aviation Forum in 2018, and because of the work that I did, I was recommended to serve on its Board in 2019.

Participation on the Board of IAWA is a reflection of the work that one does to fulfill the mission of the organization and support the needs of its members in our community. I am honored to serve as VP of Leader Development (Next Gen) and support our mission. As I stand along with with so many brilliant and amazing women who VOLUNTEER without compensation so much of their time (debra santos, Marita Lintener – BoD and Executive Advisor, Karen Blanks Ellis, Kathleen Guilfoyle, Dr. Selda Konukcu, Connie Avery, MBA, Sheila Remes, my KD sister – MC Ernst, CPCU, Keren Rambow, Carol Anderson, Sophia Ghezai, and Cristiane Dart) I know that I have grown and will continue to do so as our experiences and perspectives allow us to broaden our aperture and in turn, expand the experiences of others in our community.

As I reflect back and look towards the future, I can hear the words of a man who attended our 2019 General Aviation conference: “This was not what I was expecting. I saw powerful women empowering other women.” Ultimately, we can be powerful PEOPLE together who empower others to be their best. We hope that you join us in 2024.

To learn more about IAWA, please visit: If you are a member and are interesting in learning how to deepen your connections, please join us for our Q1 Career Growth Committee event – Using IAWA as a Platform for Personal Growth.


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