L/D Aviation speaks with Shelley Svoren on the importance of investing in one’s community and remaining curious

Episode 44 – Shelley Svoren

Shelley Svoren | ABC, Always Be Curious

This week we chat with Shelley Svoren, a passionate advocate for women’s leadership in aviation and the board member of the International Aviation Women’s Association (IAWA) and Founder and CEO of Infinite Branches.

In this episode, Shelley brings her unique perspective as a public speaker, entrepreneur, and advocate for gender equality in traditionally male-dominated industries.

Transitioning from a successful career in finance and banking, Shelley found her calling in aviation finance, where she realized the transformative power of supporting women in the industry. Her belief is simple yet profound: when women are empowered, they uplift others around them.

About L/D Aviation

LD Aviation Services was established in 2014 to provide a progressive alternative to business aviation flight departments that seek the highest professional, personable flight and customer service. LDA combines an exceptional mix of Aviation experience, insight, and expertise for the direct benefit of our valued clients.

Our entire staff has previously excelled in various Part 91 and 135 corporate environments- each individual team member understands the unique expectations and high service level requirements our clients and industry demand.

LD Specialized Services Include:

Flight Scheduling Support – Dedicated, Single-Point-of-Contact Flight Scheduling Support, Full or Part-Time, Complementing and Strengthening key liaisons between Executive Office staff, Flight Crew and Maintenance Professional, Progressive Worldwide Flight Dispatch Service.

Comprehensive Trip Logistics Support:

Flight Planning, Ground Handling Coordination, Hotel & Ground Transportation Arrangements Transitional Flight Department Support (From Managed to In-House).

We can help and advise you on Scheduling Program Software selection and Implementation Document Creation.

We strengthen and augment existing internal processes by designing and creating tailored publications that meet your unique Flight Department needs. Examples include ERP Action Plans, Scheduling & Dispatch Guides and Training Manuals.




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