How’d You Do it? Why Should I Care? Podcast

Shelley A. Svoren speaks with Laila Arain on her podcast: How’d You Do it? Why Should I Care? Supported by Bay Street Capital Holdings.

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It was nearly a year ago after founding Infinite Branches that I spoke with the exceptional Laila Arain and the conversation remains relevant.

Over the course of our 20 minute conversation, we spoke about the aviation finance community; the importance of reverse mentoring; being a lifelong learner and ABC; FFTs; how failure enables you to innovate and hearing that through the lens of the iconic Phil Knight; the brilliance that is Corporate Jet Investor; the three people in my life who contributed to my career growth (thank you Tim HardinJohnny Svoren; and Jim Simpson); Mastery over Perfectionism (Dr. Sarah Elizabeth Lewis’s exceptional work “The Rise” is a must read); and putting an end to the notion that only one woman can sit at the table – which is particularly special on a day when Matt Higa highlighted the 100 Women in Aviation & Aerospace to follow on LinkedIn.

In the words of the great Captain Terry Rinehart: When one of us succeeds, we all succeed.

Our value is never derived from a single point in time. We create value when we invest in our relationships with others to be our very best.

Thank you to the team Bay Street Capital Holdings for providing me with this opportunity. I am honored to be included in this exceptional podcast series that highlights the great work that women do in so many industries.



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