Business Aviation Advisor – Dual Due Diligence

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It takes a community to discuss the topic of due diligence as it touches on many perspectives and no true one size fits all standard exists. I am grateful to the team Business Aviation Advisor Magazine for sharing this collective work.

While the article is written from the perspective of what an aircraft owner should know and contemplate, it does touch on what our colleagues in finance, title and escrow, wholly owned and aircraft charter brokerage, legal, and service firms do with integrity to assess and mitigate risk and why they do so, which extends beyond adhering to laws and regulations.

I am grateful for the contributions of our colleagues who work across many aspects of the aviation industry who shared their time and thoughts to make this an insightful and important discussion: Janine IannarelliJacquie DaltonCaise BrailsfordKeri DowlingMelissa PhelixLuci Johnson

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on what you do to identify and mitigate risk.



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