CEO + Founder of Infinite Branches selected by Leading Ladies of Aerospace for Wonder Woman Wednesday

Wonder Woman Wednesday Series

Wonder Woman Wednesday celebrates women across the industry who are making a difference diligently, and often silently, in their day to day roles – our every day ‘sheroes.’ We are purposefully putting a spotlight on women that may not otherwise be known outside of their companies, many of whom are making a difference one small action at a time.

WONDER WOMAN WEDNESDAY! I am excited to introduce to you Shelley A. Svoren with Infinite Branches as this week’s featured Leading Ladies Of… Aerospace, Defense & Space Wonder Woman. Please join me in wishing Shelley CONGRATULATIONS!

  1. When did you join the Aerospace / Defense Industry? 2007 unless you count when my dad first flew me in a helicopter when I was six months old!
  2. What is your favorite Aerospace / Defense moment? The 2019 NBAA Leadership Forum where I was “voluntold” to persuade a 400+ person audience on the morning of the second day of the event why they should buy an aircraft. The response from the community was empowering as it stunned the speaker and most importantly opened doors for me that allowed me to bring others with me since that time.
  3. Who is your Leading Lady role model? That is like asking me to pick my favorite child because there are far too many Leading Ladies who I admire, take strength from, and guide me to be a better version of myself. I know I will inadvertently exclude someone, but these are some of the many and I am so fortunate that they I know them: Janine Iannarelli Zahra Hirani Jacquie Dalton Bobbi Wells Katherine Bennett CBE Shaesta Waiz Vanessa Blacknall-Jamison Sheryl Barden CAM Michelle Sherman Nicole Halverson Carol Anderson Michelle Crippin Sanila Samuel Lynn Sosnowski Amanda Applegate Keri Dowling Pam Williams Michelle Wade.
  4. What is your best Leading Lady moment? Leading the 2019 International Aviation Womens Association General Aviation forum in Napa, CA – not just because of the diversity of our panelists, exceptional networking, or the wonderful wine. It because of what the men who attended said: It was not what they were expecting. They saw powerful women empowering other women.

A special shout out to our Wonder Woman Sponsors – magniX, SAP, and Washinton State Department of Commerce. We could not do this work without the kind support of our sponsors. Thank you Simon Roads, Riona Armesmith, Sharon Hamilton, Amandine Crabtree, Robin Toth and Carolyn Busch!

To nominate or participate in our Wonder Woman Wednesday series, please reach out to me at

magniXSimon RoadsRiona ArmesmithSharon HamiltonAmandine Noel-CrabtreeRobin TothCarolyn Busch Zahra HiraniJacquie DaltonBobbi WellsKatherine Bennett CBEShaesta WaizVanessa Blacknall-JamisonSheryl Barden, CAMMichelle ShermanNicole HalversonCarol AndersonMichelle CrippinSanila SamuelLynn SosnowskiAmanda ApplegateKeri DowlingPamela WilliamsMichelle WadeKim RoyalAyushi KrishnaAmanda BakerNaomi KyleEmily McDonaldSarah MottJanice R. Greene, Ph.D.Sharde HamptonMichelleC.M.RachaelNorina


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