Infinite Branches receives award celebrating the continued efforts of aviation firms, manufacturers and service providers across the industry from The Business Concept for 2023

We are profoundly honored to be included as one of The Business Concept’s 2023 Aviation and Aerospace Award Recipients! We had no idea that we were nominated when we were informed in late 2022 and this honor is one that we share with our community who has believed in and supported what we do

Our Founder + CEO, Shelley A. Svoren, was gobsmacked by this as she never started Infinite Branches to earn awards. She founded the company nearly two years ago to highlight the amazing community of aviation professionals and the successes that we achieve as we partner together to realize excellence.

We look forward to celebrating the successes of our community because when one of us succeeds, we all succeed. We could not do what we do without YOU!

About the Aviation and Aerospace Awards

The Business Concept is proud to host the Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2023 for their 4th consecutive year! These awards aim to commend only the most deserving businesses based within either sector, with a particular emphasis being placed on outstanding commitment to service. From private air charters to helicopter tours, the Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2023 encompasses all areas of both sectors!

Whilst passenger traffic plummeted dramatically throughout 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this brought forward the opportunity to reflect and place a sharp focus on areas of improvement that could be made to the industry to drive innovation forward. One key focus is health and safety, with cleaning processes regimented and mandated throughout. There is also a renewed push for touchless experiences, such as automated check-ins and digitised bag-tracking.

Involvement in The Business Concept’s Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2023 will do wonders to reinforce you or your business’s status as industry leaders, as well as informing potential clients, customers, and colleagues that you are providing an award-winning service. Our circulation across our website and various social media platforms are always eager to hear of award-winning businesses and their chosen strategies!

The awards are open to all businesses and individuals operating within the sector and are completely free to enter. We also encourage people to submit a nomination for the Aerospace and Aviation Awards 2023 in the voting form below for anyone you feel deserves to be recognised for their achievements this year.

Nominees for the awards are judged purely based on merit, and not on the number of votes received. The Business Concept team gather information independently from a collection of publicly-accessible sources, which are assessed alongside any material supplied by a nominating party or the nominee themselves.

The judging process is conducted methodically as the team strive to reward businesses based solely on the level of excellence demonstrated, the standard of their products and their commitment to service.

We take huge pride in ensuring that our awards are thoroughly deserved, whilst at the same time providing the opportunity to showcase and share these accomplishments to The Business Concept’s highly engaged circulation and consistent web traffic.

Each successful awardee in the Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2022 will be provided with access to our complimentary celebration package to help publicise their success. In addition, our awardees are welcome to choose from our range of competitively priced promotional opportunities to increase exposure of the good news!

In order to achieve recognition, there must be evidence of high-level expertise within any given sector, whilst also delivering to the highest standards of customer and client service.


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